I’ve taught in higher education for over a decade, and it’s become one of the driving passions of my life. I’ve taught in a variety of universities and departments, though my most recent teaching has centered on critical and interdisciplinary explorations of digital media. I am most at home in interdisciplinary and diverse contexts. Most recently I have come to deeply enjoy individualized mentorship on student research, both graduate and undergraduate.

My teaching has covered many different subjects over the years, but I can isolate a few commonalities. Whatever the subject, I attempt to situate it historically, politically, and economically. I strive to get students to engage in interpretive analysis, to hone their senses and their descriptive powers. My courses are dynamic and participatory: I want students to contribute, to question, to create and to collaborate. And I prefer to conclude with guided independent research projects, so students can take material and put it into action in ways that are meaningful to their own interests, experiences and concerns.

Currently I am gratified to be a part of the New Media and Digital Culture team at the University of Amsterdam, a rigorous, critical, and collaborative pedagogical environment with wonderful students and brilliant colleagues.

University of Amsterdam

  • Analysing Digital Culture
  • Media Theory
  • New Media Histories
  • Digital Art and Aesthetics
  • Media Research: Digital Labour and Digital Capitalism
  • Social Media in Times of Crisis
  • Doing Media Studies
  • Media Activism

Sandberg Instituut

  • Marxist Theory

University of Texas at Dallas

  • EMAC 3300: Reading Media Critically
  • EMAC 2330: Historical Perspectives on Emerging Media
  • EMAC 2322: Theories of Emerging Media and Communication (Undergraduate)
  • EMAC 6300: Theories of Emerging Media and Communication (Graduate)
  • EMAC 6398: Race, Gender and the Public Sphere 

George Mason University.

  • COMM 302: Foundations of Mass Communication
  • COMM 380: Media Criticism
  • GLOA 101: Introduction to Global Affairs
  • HNRS 122: Post-Digital Art
  • HNRS 131: The Politics of Piracy
  • NCLC 244: Beats, Rhymes and Culture
  • NCLC 249: Digital Literacy
  • NCLC 295: Capital and the Community
  • NCLC 490: Senior Capstone

Westwood College, Arlington, VA.

  • COM 305: Public Speaking
  • SOC 295: Intercultural Communications
  • SOC 299: Science and Society

International Academy of Design & Technology, Chicago, IL.

  • ED 100: College Success
  • SS 201: Cultural Diversity
  • HU 100: Critical Thinking
  • HU 301: Humanities and the Arts
  • HU 309: Music Appreciation
  • HU 333: Mythology and Popular Culture
  • HU 430: Art Appreciation
  • EN 420: Film and Literature

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH.

  • POPC 160: Introduction to Popular Culture