Like many people of my age and temperament, I wear many hats. Professionally, I am a Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where I’m part of the New Media and Digital Culture team. I hold a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from George Mason University. My dissertation research, on the politics and culture of media piracy, was published as a book by Routledge in April of 2019. You can find more of my academic work here.

While I’ve pursued an academic career, I often think of myself as a writer first, because that’s where everything began. I’ve been writing on media and politics online since I got my very first website (Geocities, 1995), and I’ve never really stopped. You can find a partial selection of my essays here.

I’ve done a fair amount of editorial work, both academic and for magazines, and it’s work I find extremely gratifying. I was a contributing editor for Jacobin Magazine for many years, and I’m currently a member of the editorial collective of Viewpoint Magazine.

I’ve also worked a number of other positions and gigs: web designer, ethnographic market researcher, social media specialist, academic adviser, and so on. I have something of an anthropological disposition, so I’m always interested in exploring new fields, especially those involving academia, education, and the internet.

You can contact me via email at gavinmueller [at] gmail dot com.