I started my first personal website shortly after I got on the internet, some time around 1995. It was a Geocities page. I don’t think it was much to look at, but it was the first place I published media criticism: my own personal takes on television, film and music. Some things never change!

Since then, I’ve written on media, culture and politics for many different outlets, most of them online, some of them not. I also dip into editorial work, an extremely gratifying way to help other writers. I’ve embarked on an academic career, and have acquired a few degrees, most recently a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from George Mason University. My record of teaching higher education spans over a decade, touching on a variety of subjects: art, popular music, digital culture, film and television criticism, globalization, media history and sundry topics in between. Currently I’m a visiting assistant professor of Emerging Media and Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas. You can peruse a more detailed CV here.